Elder Law

elder law

Avoid costly mistakes by hiring an elder law attorney.

Elder law is the specialized field of law that addresses the diverse legal needs of the elderly and their loved ones. Unlike many other areas of the law, it is defined by the needs of the client, rather than a particular field of law. Because of this, we understand that our clients’ needs often extend beyond basic legal services. Our attorneys typically help families with the following:

  • Disability planning, including special needs planning
  • Health care planning, including long term care options, patient rights, Medicare, and health care power of attorney.
  • Long-term care planning, including Medicaid planning and Veteran’s benefits
  • Estate planning, including discussing the importance of wills and planning for a minor or adult with special needs, probate proceedings, and other matters
  • Guardianship and conservatorship, including help with the selection and appointment of a legal guardian.
  • Estate settlement, including probate and trust administration
  • Elder abuse, both personal and financial
  • Explaining nursing home resident rights and help file nursing home claims
  • Pet planning, to ensure your pet’s care even when you are no longer physically capable of doing so.

Elder law isn’t necessarily the same thing as estate law. Your estate is what you leave to your loved ones when you die. But what if you should become mentally or physically incapable of taking care of yourself and your own personal business before then? That is where elder law can help. For example, a revocable trust can be set up for someone else to take over the management of your assets if you can no longer do so yourself. At Stokes Law Firm we can explain these options so you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have a plan in place for such an eventuality.